The project

As currently there is a lack of skilled and trained experts with multidisciplinary knowledge on sustainable architecture, technical building systems and electric engineering in the European Union, both higher education and adult education have to respond to this urgent need with newly elaborated training materials.

The main objective of HI-SMART project is to develop an innovative educational package targeting higher education students and professionals in Hungary, Slovakia and Germany to support design, construction and operation of intelligent, energy efficient buildings in compliance with the requirements of the energy performance of buildings (EPBD) directive of the European Union. The complex educational package will provide students with the newest competences and skills on energy efficient building technologies, and will make the professional knowledge of engineers and construction professionals more competitive in the labour market.

The main intellectual output of the project is an innovative, complex educational package that will be elaborated on energy efficient building technologies, renewable energy sources, smart solutions in buildings in a broad perspective utilising the various fields of expertise the project partners own. The education material will be integrated into the curricula of the participating universities, and will be shared with the relevant business sector stakeholders and actors in each participating country. A short intensive training materail will also be elaborated by the partners, which will be suitable for adult education purposes as well besides using it in the academic and business sectors.

The development of the educational package and the short intensive training will be supported by short-term joint staff training sessions, blended mobility activities for students and professionals. The results of the project will be shared at multiplier events organized in each participating country for the business sector stakeholders, for professionals working in the building industry, and for higher education institutions.

The project is going on from 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2022.